FAQ SEO Schema Markup

Versions de PrestaShop compatibles
Optimize the display and SEO of your shop on Google with the structured data in the FAQs. 
Add these rich snippet FAQs with jsonld, on any page of your site.
  • 100% sécurisé
  • Optimisé pour le SEO
  • Rapide et puissant

Easily optimize the SEO of your site by displaying rich FAQs in Google results. 

 These are displayed on several lines, in the form of a box, within the Google results pages.

 Ultra fast and light, the module automatically adds to PrestaShop shops the markup of the structured data of the FAQ Schema, and this in JSON-LD format. 

Thanks to the FAQs, your Google search results are more visible and the number of clicks to your website increases.

  1. Easy management of your Rich FAQ
  2. Possibility to add a Rich FAQ on a category, a CMS page 
  3. Possibility to add a Rich FAQ, on any page of your theme with a custom hook
  4. Possibility to add questions/answers to your FAQ with an easy management of the positionning 
  5. Ability to choose the HTML tag related to your question
  6. Possibility to add an emoji on your question 
  7. Possibility to hide a FAQ on your shop while displaying it on Google (useful if you already have the same FAQ on your page) 
  8. Automatically manage the display of your Rich FAQs on Google 
  9. Support for the multilingual part of your shop
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