Thème "classic-rocket"


Classic Rocket is a cover of the "classic theme". It was built with performance, accessibility and SEO in mind.

  • 100% sécurisé
  • Optimisé pour le SEO
  • Rapide et puissant

PrestaShop Classic Rocket

Main features :

  • Latest version of Twitter Bootstrap
  • Lazy loading images
  • Offcanvas for the main menu and the filter menu
  • Less css and less js
  • Accessibility of forms and better validation
  • SEO: Hn, rel prev/next for pagination
  • Font performance
  • Improved Responsive

We use Dareboost to test and improve our work.

Main differences with Classic Theme


With the same server (gzip, PrestaShop performance settings correctly adjusted)

  • CSS : from 80 Kb (with classical theme) to 33 Kb
  • JS : 155 Ko (with classical theme) to 86 Ko

You can also view the web performance and quality comparison report on Dareboost

Twitter Bootstrap 4.3.x

  • Almost all tpl files are edited to use new BS classes (ex: col-xs-12 => col-12)
  • For backward compatibility and third modules, we keep some important old classes in bs_alpha.scss
  • Scss variables are divided into 2 files: 1 file to replace the default Twitter Bootstrap variables and 1 file for custom scss variables for the Classic Rocket theme (ex: $regular-price-font-size)
  • Only useful BS plugins are added individually in _dev/theme.js (carousel and scrollspy are not loaded).

New Js files

  • Lazysizes is a fast and self-initializing image lazyloader for SEO
  • Slick Carousel is used for the home page cursor and product images in the product detail page; it is lighter than the owl carousel and offers many interesting features (touch, reactive options, data attribute settings)
  • HoverIntent is a plug-in that attempts to determine the user's intent (for the main menu)

Js file deleted (in the _dev folder)

  • tether.js (we use popper with the latest version of BS)
  • velocity.js (we use slick)
  • bootstrap-filestyle.min.js (BS provides custom file entry)
  • drop-down.js (done with the BS drop-down menu)
  • product-miniature.js (made with css)
  • product-select.js (we use slick)
  • jquery.scrollbox.min.js

New module(s)

  • ps_searchbarjqauto (for use with jQuery autoComplete v1.0.7)

New smarty blocks

  • layoutWrapper
  • ClasscontentWrapperClass
  • pageHeaderClass
  • pageContentClass
  • pageFooterClass

New image sizes

We use srcset in product-cover-thumbnails.tpl for responsive images.


  • width: 180
  • height: 180
  • scope: [products]


  • width: 300
  • height: 300
  • scope: [products]


  • width: 360
  • height: 360
  • scope: [products]


  • width: 540
  • height: 540
  • scope: [products]


  • Better pagination with rel next/prev link (in templates/_partials/pagination-seo.tpl)
  • name="robots" content="none" for the ordered list page
  • Open Graph and JSON-LD structured data (in templates/_partials/microdata-jsonld.tpl)
  • loading the Google font (in templates/_partials/font.tpl)

Offcanvas Menu

We simply extend the modal bootstrap with a custom class:

  • .modal-dialog__offcanvas class in modal-dialog
  • Add .modal-dialog__offcanvas--right for right offcanvas
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